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What are notaries public in Singapore?

Across Singapore there are hundreds of notaries public, and it is important to choose the right one when you enlist these services. A notary public is required to be qualified as a lawyer, and is appointed by the Board of Commissioners for Oaths and Notaries Public. Often, a notary public will have more than 15 years experience as a lawyer, and they must operate within the regulations of the Notaries Public Act. As such, being a notary public is an important and specialised role.

A notary public is an impartial officer that notarises documents for a wide range of purposes, for use both in Singapore and overseas. Often it is a requirement that documents used abroad be notarised by a notary public.

Notarisation Services we offer

We offer a full range of notarisation and legalisation services such as:

– Notarising your documents. Witnessing, authenticating, and certifying a range of papers for use in Singapore and foreign countries.

– Confirming your signature and executing documents for various purposes including contracts, deeds, property deals and more.

– Administering your oath for an affidavits or statutory declarations.

– Certifying your document copies.

– Verifying your company status.

– Authenticating your identity and confirm true like-ness of photos.

Upon completion the task above, we will sign the document/s and will affix the official notarial seal to validate the process of notarisation.

There are many situations both for Singapore related business and international affairs where documents will only be accepted if they bear this seal, or official declaration from a notary public.


Notaries Public FAQ

What is a Notarial Certificate? Do i require it?
Yes, it is important if you have enlisted a notarial service since the 15th of February 2017 that you receive a notarial certificate. Legally, a notary public is required to issue you with this certificate for any services rendered. The fee that is outlined within legislation for this certificate is S$75.

What do I need to bring along for the notarisation?
The notary needs to verify your identity and view you sign relevant documents, so you need to be present in person. You also need to bring your identity card/photo identification, all documents that you want notarised, any instructions regarding your documents from overseas bodies, translations if applicable, and the original documents (if you are notarising copies).

How long will the notarisation process take?
The notarisation process is usually quite fast and should take around 15-30 minutes provided all documents are properly prepared and presented.

Top 5 reasons to choose us

1. Tell us your location, we can come to you
We understand that sometimes it can be hard to leave the home or office to get to a notary public within the designated hours. We want to ensure maximum convenience, so if you tell us where you are, we can come to you.

2. Licensed and experienced Notaries Public
All of our notaries public are licensed and bring a wealth of experience and legal knowledge to their role. When you enlist one of our notaries public, you know that the job will be done right.

3. Flexible availability
Our notaries public have a flexible schedule to fit into your busy life and to ensure that your notarisation can be done promptly and efficiently, every time.

4. Central location – In the heart of Singapore
With a central location right in the heart of Singapore, and also have a highly convenient mobile service.

5. Over-the-phone cost estimate
We can even give you a cost estimate based on your needs over the phone, so why not call and have a confidential discussion with one of our notaries?

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