Notarisation Services

Notarisation of Powers of Attorneys for the Sale or Purchase of Properties overses (e.g. India, China, etc.)

Notarisation of Powers of Attorneys for Home Loans overseas (e.g. India, China, etc.)

Notarisation of Certified True Copies of Passports, Identity Cards, Visas, Payslips, Bank Statements, etc for the purposes of obtaining Home Loans overseas (e.g. India, China, etc.)

Notarisation of Affidavits and Exhibits used in the relevant Courts of other countries

Notarisation of Statutory Declarations of Work Experience for PR Applications overseas (e.g Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc.)

Notarisations of True Copies of Educational Certificates, Transcripts, Employment Certificates, Character References, etc. for PR Applications overseas (e.g. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc.)

Notarisations of other documents between parties, such as contracts, wills, settlement agreements, bank forms, etc.

Notarisation of True Copies and true likeness of the photographs in the documents certified as true copies.
Commissioning of Affidavits of Statutory Declarations for use in Singapore or the courts in Singapore

Notarisation of Translations of Documents for use with governmental authorities (e.g. Immigration and Customs Authorities of Singapore, Ministry of Manpower in Singapore). As a one stop service, we also work with certified translators to get documents translated and notarised for your convenience.

Legalisation Services

We also provide one stop services through our legalisation agents to have documents legalised by the various embassies in Singapore. In doing so, the process requires the following:

1) We will notarise your documents for you.

2) The notarised document then needs to be authenticated by the Singapore Academy of Law at 1 Coleman Street, 08-06 The Adelphi. The Singapore Academy of Law opens at 9 am and closes at 4.30 pm. There are 2 options for authentication – the express 3 hr service or the next day service. The 3 hr service costs $128.40 and we can obtain the authentication certificate in 3 hrs. The next day service is essentially the same but the cost is significantly lower at $42.80 per document.

3) We would have the authenticated document brought for certification at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at 1 Sherwood Road. They close at 3.30pm and the cost of the certification is $10.

4) The MFA certified document will then be brought to the Embassy in question for the apostille/legalisation. Each Embassy/High Commission has different requirements for the legalisation process. Some require photocopies of the identification documentation of the applicant and the agent, some requires photocopies of the MFA certified document, and the costs incurred, the administrative process and the waiting time for the legalisation of the documents varies. Our legalisation agents are familiar with the entire process in obtaining your documents legalised but will be subjected to any rules or policies (or any amendments of such rules or policies) by the respective Embassies/High Commissions.


In relation to the notarisation process, we require that the deponent/declarant (person signing the document(s)) be present in our offices and sign (or depending on the document, seal, or if required, place the thumb print impression) on the document in the presence of our Notary Public/Commissioner for Oath.

You would need to produce a government issued identification documentation (with a photograph) such as your identity card or Passport for verification.

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